How Do I Fill Out The Gazelle Dispute Form?

**Scroll to the bottom of this page to download the required Gazelle Dispute Form**

In order to process a dispute regarding the condition of received product, Gazelle will require the attached form to be filled out within five days of receiving your order.

Prior to filling out the form, please take the time to review Gazelle's Terms of Purchase, their condition definitions, and their R2 Agreement. Only submit disputes for product that do not fall within these established guidelines.

Gazelle's merchandise is not resale ready. Please expect to expend a certain amount of time and energy preparing the phones to be resold.

Please follow these instructions in order to fill out the form correctly:

  • Read the red text which provides additional information regarding the dispute process:

  • Provide your name, order number, the date you received the order (order month), and the date you submitted the form (credit request date):

  • All columns should be filled in to the best of your ability.
  • The LPN, IMEI/Serial number, and SKU can be found on the baggies in which the phones arrived or, occasionally, the phones themselves.

  • Product Details - Manifest: this column is requesting how the product was listed on the auction. Please fill out this column so that Gazelle will have all necessary information available in order to expedite the process.
  • Product Details - Actually Received: this column is requesting you to describe the product you actually received. This complements the previous column, allowing Gazelle to more easily compare the product advertised and the product received. This will expedite the dispute process.

  • Partial Refund or Return: this column utilizes a dropdown. Please choose if you wish to receive a refund for the product or if you want to return the product via Gazelle's RMA process.

  • Credit/Return Reason (Choose from Dropdown): this is another dropdown column. You must choose an option from the dropdown menu. Gazelle will not accept the form if you input your own data.

  • Original Price: this column is referencing the price per unit for which the auction sold, not the original retail value of the product.

  • Amount Requested($): please put down the refund amount you are requesting for the disputed item. if you are choosing to return the product, this column would be left blank.

  • Amount Credited ($): this column is for Gazelle's internal use. Please leave this column completely blank.

If you have any questions regarding this form, please do not hesitate to contact Customer Support.

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