Proxy Bidding

All bids placed on a marketplace hosted by B-Stock act as "proxy" bids. To get the most out of this system, it is best to bid the highest amount you are willing to pay, which is known as your maximum bid. Once entered, the system will manage the bidding for you, acting as your proxy.

Example: There is an auction that interests you with a starting bid of $1000. You decide the highest you would pay for the auction is $5000, so you enter that as your maximum bid. You are now winning the auction at $1000. If another bidder comes in and bids $1100 as their maximum, then your bid of $5000 will automatically outbid them one increment higher as your proxy. You are now winning the auction at $1125 without ever having to bid a second time to make sure you stay the high bidder. The system will continue to automatically outbid other bidders as your proxy, but will never exceed your maximum bid of $5000.

If another bidder inputs a maximum bid over $5000, then you will be outbid, and have the choice to input a new maximum bid to act as your proxy, or move on to another auction.

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