How Do I Apply? Is It Free?

You must apply separately to each marketplace since each company has its own approval criteria. Please visit for a full list of marketplaces B-Stock hosts.

All marketplaces have an “APPLY” button at the top of the webpage that will take you to an online application form.

Once you click the "Log In/Apply" button, you will be brought to a screen asking you to login or to apply. If you are new to the B-Stock platform or to the marketplace, you will need to click the "Apply Now" button.

Fill out the required fields in steps one, two, three, and four. Step four will request that you attach a reseller’s certificate, which you can upload by pressing "browse" at the time of registration. Finally, click the submit button. You will be notified within one business day if your account is approved for that marketplace.

Please note: if you have questions about the resale document or you cannot upload the document because of technical difficulties, you can still press "submit" and your application will be pending for review. However, you will not be approved without the documentation.

Please be advised that all documentation is reviewed to verify that a valid document has been submitted to us.

There is no cost for applying on any of our marketplaces. However, individual marketplaces/sellers may have a screening fee that is paid to them directly. Their FAQ and the registration process will advise if this is the case.

Per our terms of service, multiple emails associated with the same business are not allowed. However, we do realize that exceptions do occur, and if a company is authorized more than one bidding account, you are prohibited from bidding on the same lots. Such an act would be considered "shill bidding," which is when anyone (such as friends, family, roommates, employees, online connections, etc) bids on an item with the intent to artificially increase its price or desirability. This is not allowed per our terms of service. Our security team will monitor the customers for compliance.

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