International Approval Process

As an international buyer, we require a business license or for EU/UK buyers, a VAT Number (if available) from your country. For a Canadian buyer, we do require GST/HST/QST tax numbers.

If you cannot provide a business license or VAT number, you must provide proof of business in the form of government documentation. The business name and business address should be clearly visible on whatever documentation you provide.

If you intend to ship to the U.S. prior to your country, we will require a dated shipping document on the company's letterhead confirming you are a current customer and confirming you are authorized to use that particular address. A sample shipping document has been attached to this article for your reference.

If you are interested in procuring a U.S. address, but do not currently have one, we recommend you look into the services provided by MyUs.

Once you procure the necessary documents, submit them to customer service.

Please note that international buyers are responsible for arranging their own shipping on all transactions, and certain auctions may only be available to buyers in the United States. An additional $25 fee must be included on any international wire payment as well.

Additionally, some auctions on the Supply marketplace will be labeled as being USA only. International buyers, even if they have a US address, cannot bid on these auctions. Likewise, shipping that is included for the continental U.S. will need to be buyer arranged by international buyers without a continental U.S. shipping address.

Note: No buyers will be approved from Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, Yemen, Venezuela and Syria on any sites due to USA federal regulations

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