Buyer Arranges Shipping - General Principles

If an auction lists "Buyer Arranges Shipping" this means that you are responsible for shipping the product from the seller's facility to yours.

If you do not already have a carrier, B-Stock has partnered with several different shipping partners. Please visit our Logistics & Fulfillment page to review the services they offer.

Most "Buyer Arranges Shipping" auctions of one pallet or more will have a shipping estimate provided by Freight Quote. This estimate is calculated based on the distance between your zip code and the seller's, number of pallets, pallet dimensions, shipping weight, and several other attributes that may vary for each buyer.

While these estimates are not guaranteed, most buyers have found them reliable.

Your Bid Won email will also include a link to the FreightQuote estimate, which will provide a great deal for you!

Do not submit payment for shipping to B-Stock or the Seller for auctions that are "Buyer Arranges Shipping." Only submit the cost of the auction.


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