How Do I Add or Change My Shipping Address for Future Orders?

We recommend that you confirm your shipping address is correct before you enter a bid.

B-Stock nor our clients are responsible if a buyer fails to make sure their shipping and or billing address is correct on current and future orders.

In order to update your shipping address, please log into your marketplace, click the "Account" link in the top right of the page, and click "My Account."

Once you click "My Account," it will bring you to a page where you can edit your personal information and manage your addresses:

Click "Manage Addresses" in order to add or update your addresses.

This page allows you to edit an existing address that is set as the default, choose a different address as your default address, or add a brand new address.

When you press the blue button with the up and down carets (pointed to by the red middle arrow), it will show all the addresses you have on file.

If you wish to change the default address, select the address from that menu, and then press "Set as Default" after confirming it is correct. Please only use shipping addresses for which you have provided a valid resale document.

You are allowed to have as many addresses on file as you need, but please make sure that the correct address is set as the default address prior to bidding to avoid complications.

If you change your "Default Address" on your "My Account" page, this will only affect your future orders, not any current unpaid orders.

If you want to edit an address for a current unpaid order, you will need to do so from the order's details page. Visit this page for instructions : [click here]


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