Walmart: What If There Is A Problem With My Order?

All merchandise on Walmart Liquidations is sold "as is", but attempts to be accurate as possible with the information provided.

The quantity of actual Inventory Products in each lot may vary by up to 5% from the manifest, as may the quantity of items that are damaged, but not designated as "Damaged" on the manifest (for full details, please view the Terms of Purchase).

Buyers have up to 10 days from the date of merchandise pickup to inspect the shipment and notify Walmart Auction Liquidations of the issue.

Please refer to these Guidelines for Order Claims prior to filing a dispute.

If you believe you received product that was not as described or you are experiencing another issue, first review the terms of service for the auction site. If you believe your problem is not already addressed in those terms, please log into your account, and locate your order. Click the "problem" button and fill out the form the link will direct you towards.

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