Gazelle: How Does Shipping Work?

Shipping information will be provided to winning bidders. FedEx Ground shipping to the continental US is included in your order. The cost is traditionally $1 per unit. For example, 50 units will cost $50. The shipping cost will be included with your order information and the "Bid Won" email. Cost includes signature confirmation. Gazelle typically ships to the continental U.S. within seven to fourteen business days from the order paid date, however, some orders may take longer to fulfill based on current inventory.

Please be advised that for all cell phone listings with a quantity of fewer than fifteen, the shipping charge will be $15.

Please be advised that Macintosh Devices will be $10 per unit.

If you wish to opt out of Gazelle's shipping, please contact customer service with your FedEx or UPS ground shipping information. Only pay the bid total not including the shipping amount.

International buyers will be contacted by Gazelle to facilitate shipping. Gazelle prefers that you use your own FedEx account number if you are an international buyer.

Insurance is not included with the shipping. Shipments are FOB (Free on Board) unless otherwise stated. You own the product after it has left Gazelle's shipping dock, and you assume the risk of loss or damage.

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