Gazelle: What If There Is A Problem With My Order?

If you believe that you have a problem with your order, please review both the site's terms of service and the following prior to filing a dispute.

Gazelle processes all units through CheckMend to make sure no units have been reported stolen. However, ESN status can change after the initial check, so disputes for ESN status changes will not be honored.

You have five business days within receiving the order to file a dispute. All forms and images must be filed within this time frame. You must include tracking information as proof of delivery should you file a dispute. As a buyer, your obligations are as follows:

  • Buyer agrees to inspect all CE products purchased from Gazelle for a Major Defect (as described in your signed R2 Agreement with the seller) within five (5) business days from the date of receipt.
  • Buyer agrees to return all CE Products with a Major Defect back to Gazelle.
  • Buyer agrees that all CE products are not returned after the five business day inspection period will be considered to be "remarketable."

A Major Defect is defined in the following way: A CE product that meets one or more of the following conditions or working function defects:

  • Is not the make and model of device represented;
  • Does not power up;
  • Does not have Find my iPhone [or equivalent activation lock] feature disabled;
  • Does not have a functioning LCD;
  • Does not have a functioning transceiver [cannot complete a phone call];
  • Does not have a functioning microphone [cannot speak on a phone call]; or
  • Does not have a functioning speaker [cannot hear a phone call].

"Remarketable" is defined as follows: A CE Product that is without a Major Defect.

Please be advised that there is no time frame to resolve Gazelle disputes.

If your order matches the above, please email customer service, with the order number both in the subject and the body of the email. Briefly describe the issue with your order and include images if applicable. Once we receive the email, you will be contacted by someone on our dispute team with further instructions. Please be advised that Gazelle will ultimately have the final say on how a dispute will be resolved. 

If you have received multiple orders with a Major Defect, an individual dispute must be filed for each order. Customers will need to keep their disputes separate or risk having them auto-denied.

If Gazelle has decided to grant you a refund, that refund will automatically be processed as a B-Stock Credit to your account. Please ask customer service if you want this refund to be a monetary refund as opposed to a B-Stock credit.


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