What Is A Reseller Certificate?

When you apply for the first time on a marketplace hosted by B-Stock, we automatically generate the reseller certificate for you as part of the process if you registered in the US as a reseller.

It is a legal document that you, as a buyer, submit to the seller guaranteeing you intend to resell the product you purchase from them. This will exempt you from sales tax at the time of purchase as it will be collected when you resell the product.

If your business is registered in Alaska, Delaware, Montana, New Hampshire or Oregon, this is not required as part of your application.

If a seller requires a different or updated form, you will be made aware at the time of purchase.

We strongly encourage you to reach out to B-Stock if the following occurs:

1) Your business information changes

2) Your sales tax information changes

3) Your sales tax document (such as a Florida DR-13 form) expires

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