Wire Payment Instructions

A wire payment is the primary method of payment for auctions won on the B-Stock Platform. Please ask your bank if you have any questions about making a wire payment. Most banks will have a fee associated with making a wire payment. Your bank will be able to give you more details regarding that.

You can locate the wire information on either the "bid won" email or by logging into your account, clicking "my orders," selecting the order in question, and clicking "pay." This will show you the wire information needed to make payment.

Note: Though B-Stock will handle the payments for the majority of marketplaces, we do not handle payments for a very few marketplaces, such as Amazon, Boise, Groupon, Sam's Club, Woot, and others. Please always double check your order to confirm where to render payment.

On all wire payments, please be sure to include your order number so that our payments team will properly credit the amount.

You may also combine several totals in one single wire payment as long the payments go towards the same bank. If you do not know if they do, log into your account, locate the orders in question, and click "pay." If the wire information is the same, you can combine the payments.

Please just make sure you list all orders for which you are rendering payment.


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