PayPal Instructions

We accept Paypal on auctions where B-Stock collects payment and where total payment due is $1000 USD or less (if your order total is in a different currency than USD, we are unable to accept a PayPal payment).

Since this is an exception we make, we request that you cover all associated transaction fees:

  • 3% of the total + $0.30 for domestic buyers
  • 4.4% of the total + $0.45 for international buyers

Use this link to calculate your new total!

Note: if you do not include the correct fees in your total payment, your payment may be rejected and your order canceled.

In your Paypal account, go to "Send & Request," then "Pay for Goods and Services," and send the new total including the transaction fees to




To ensure we credit the right order, please be sure to include your order number in the "Special Instructions to Seller" section.


If you are using PayPal to pay a cancellation fee, please notate that the payment is for a cancellation fee and provide the appropriate order number. The fee will be in the same currency as the order, thus you can only use PayPal for fees in USD.





In the event there are issues with your order, you must agree to go through our dispute process and not contest it through PayPal directly.


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