Auction Anatomy

Though the finer details for each auction will vary from auction to auction and marketplace to marketplace, the basic auction page will remain the same.

The blue circle in the URL is where you can find the Auction ID. Each auction ID number is unique to the marketplace. Please provide this ID if you are asking a question to a Customer Service Agent regarding a specific auction.

The auction title, surrounded by the orange box, describes the content of the auction, details what kind of product it is, provides an estimated retail value, and ends with the location of the auction.

The bid information, surrounded by the grey box, is where you can find your bidding information including the current bid, the current number of bids, and the minimum amount your bid can be. The field is for you to enter your maximum bid amount. Please review "Bidding" for more information.

The black box provides shipping details. This will change depending if the shipping is free, if buyer arranges shipping, or if seller arranges shipping. Please review "Shipping" for more information.

The pink box gives additional auction information, such as how many hours it closes, the date of closure, the manifest if one is available, and an option for you to add the auction to your watch list or calendar.

The tabs surrounded by the red box are the most important aspects of the auction. "Description" is where the seller describes the auction, including what you can expect from the product, the condition of the product, and anything else the seller feels you need to know.

Please review the "Conditions" tab to know how the seller is using the terms in their description. The condition of the merchandise is described using the definitions found in the "conditions" tab. Please make no assumptions about what they might mean by a certain condition. If after reviewing the conditions as defined in the tab and you have questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to customer service.

The remaining tabs provide additional information for payment and shipping.

Please make sure to review all these elements prior to bidding.

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