Supply: What If There Is A Problem With My Order?

Buyers have 1 business day from the time of delivery to inspect the merchandise that they receive and notify B-Stock and the seller if there is any issue.

To file a dispute, please log into your account, click "my orders," and locate the order you are disputing. Then click the "problem with my order" button. This will bring you to a dispute form that you should fill out with all necessary information. If you have a manifest, please highlight the missing items in yellow and/or damaged items in red, include any pertinent notes in a blank column on the manifest, and attach to your dispute. Please also attach photos of the items you are disputing, if applicable.

If you are unable to locate the "problem with my order" link, please email us with your order number and the detailed information requested above.

Once B-Stock receives your dispute, we will loop in the seller to work towards a resolution.

Auctions are not listed with any stated return policy, and most auctions are sold "as is." Do not expect to be able to return any merchandise you receive.

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