Almo: How Does Shipping Work?

Winning bidders will be provided with the appropriate shipping information for pick up of the merchandise after payment has been processed. Buyers are responsible for arranging their own shipping from the appropriate distribution center. All purchases are FOB unless otherwise noted.

Buyers are responsible for arranging their own shipping from the Seller distribution center(DC). The Inventory Products purchased by you shall be made available to you for receipt at the Seller DC Premises at the specific facility identified in the Email Notification (the "Inventory Location") at a time mutually agreed to by you and the Seller (the "Pickup Time").

You or your agent must schedule the Pickup Time by contacting the Seller pursuant to the instructions set forth in the Email Notification. You must use dock height covered trucks to take possession of the Inventory Products at the Seller DC Premises. Use of a "pick-up truck," rental moving truck or other non-commercial vehicle to take possession of Inventory Products is not permitted.

Pallets may not be broken down on the dock or anywhere on the Seller DC Premises. You must accept the pallets in provided condition. You shall be solely responsible for removal of the Inventory Products from the Seller DC Premises and for all shipping arrangements (including, without limitation, permits, costs and licenses), expenses (including, without limitation, insurance) and labor.


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