Supply: Ask a Seller Feature

If you are reviewing an auction, and find that you have further questions that are not in the auction's description, you are more than welcome to use the "Ask Seller a Question" feature.

Please make sure to keep all questions related to the auction. Please make sure that you read the auction description, conditions, and shipping information carefully to make sure that you are not asking about something that is already answered in the auction.

Once you determine that the answer to your question isn't already available, please follow these guidelines:

  • Please ensure questions are related to the product itself.
  • Do not include personal email address or phone number in the message.
  • For general questions not related to the auction itself, please contact customer support.
  • Always ask questions in a professional and courteous manner; inappropriate or rude messages will be flagged and removed.
  • Customers with inappropriate submission history will be banned from participating in this marketplace.
  • Attempts to solicit transactions outside of B-Stock will result in removal from the marketplace.

For more information regarding how to access your messages and other guidelines, please go to the following link: [click here]

Note: Do not bid on an auction if you have unanswered questions regarding it.

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