Target: How Does Shipping Work?

You will receive a payment received email which details the next step for shipping the inventory. Depending on the type of shipping service for the auction you won, you will either be provided with contact information to arrange pick up of the inventory, or you will be contacted by a CH Robinson representative to arrange delivery.

There are two types of shipping for auctions on Target Liquidations, “Buyer arranges shipping” and “CH Robinson shipping."

Buyer Arranged Shipping
Upon payment of the auction, a Target representative will contact you to coordinate the pickup of your goods by the freight service you arrange.

CH Robinson Shipping
For auctions offering CH Robinson shipping, the shipping charge to your shipping address on file is displayed on the auction detail page. You can change the shipping address information to update the freight cost.

This cost will be charged in addition to your winning bid amount, and the total order amount must be paid in full. After payment is confirmed, a CH Robinson representative will coordinate delivery details with you.

Once payment is made, the address on file will be used for shipping. Changing your address AFTER making payment may delay delivery of your goods AND may generate reconsignment fees requiring additional wiring of funds.

Buyers are responsible for unloading all trucks. The unloading location of your order has to have a loading dock or forklift in order to unload the goods, as not every carrier truck is guaranteed to have a lift-gate. Unloading/lumper fees, if any, are the responsibility of the buyer.

You will be responsible for all shipping costs related to the delivery of any purchased Inventory to you, including any applicable storage or other costs assessed by such carrier in the event of such carrier’s inability to deliver such Inventory to you.

Storage Fees

If the buyer fails to pick up the merchandise within 5 days from the award of the auction, Target will assess a $10 per pallet storage fee per day for up to an additional 5 days.

Purchaser Abandonment

If Buyer fails to pick up merchandise within 10 days from the award of the auction, Target will consider the merchandise to have been abandoned by the buyer and thereafter the merchandise is the sole property of Target. Buyer shall forfeit all funds paid to Target.

Auction Reinstatement Fee

If buyer fails to pay Target within 72 hours from the award of the auction or fails to pick up the merchandise within 10 days from the award of the auction, buyer will be removed from the online auction site and charged a reinstatement fee. Target requires a reinstatement fee of $1500 to be sent via wire to Target prior to entrance to bid on any future online auction. The reinstatement fee will become a credit to be applied toward the balance of the buyer’s next awarded auction.

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