CellWorks: How Does Shipping Work?

Buyers are responsible for paying the calculated "Shipping Cost" displayed on the auction page. This cost is based on the preferred address on your account, and does not include fees associated with residential delivery or unloading of the truck.

Domestic buyers may not arrange their own shipping. UPS Ground shipping to Continental US addresses is included in your order. Typically the charge is one dollar per unit, so an auction with 50 units will cost $50 to ship.

For international orders, a CellWorks Unlimited representative will contact you to facilitate shipping. They would prefer you provide your UPS account number.

This shipping method does not include any insurance, and each shipment is FOB our dock. You own the product after it has left our shipping dock, and you assume the risk of loss or damage.

Once an order is paid we will ship it as soon as we are able with the address listed in the payment notification. The buyer can make the request to send to a newer address, but should be aware that it may not get to us in time. Buyers should do their best to have an updated shipping address prior to bidding.

CellWorks Unlimited Liquidation Auctions will contact you within 2 business days of your payment to verify your address and schedule a delivery. Buyers must be prepared to accept delivery immediately after payment. Once your order is shipped, you will be provided with necessary tracking information.

Please see our Shipping page for detailed information on shipping.

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