Wayfair: How Does Shipping Work?

Wayfair uses seller arranges shipping.

You should receive an email from B-Stock confirming your payment within 1 business day and the status of your order will be changed to "Paid" on your account. A Wayfair representative will contact you within 2 business days of this confirmation with full instructions regarding the shipment of your order.

Wayfair will ship within 1-5 business days of payment, provide tracking, and give you an estimated delivery date. You must be prepared to accept delivery within 5 business days of this notice. Wayfair is providing heavily discounted rates to you. Wayfair does not ship to residential addresses and your location must be equipped to unload a standard, dock-height trailer.

Note: Please make sure that your shipping address is correct before making payment. Wayfair will not allow re-consignment at this time.

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