I Received My Order But It Wasn't As Described What Can I Do?

Although the sellers on B-Stock strive to provide product as it is described on the auction, despite their best efforts there can be discrepancies. This can happen for any number of reasons, including the volume that a warehouse processes, damage in shipping, or even human error.

There are processes to protect buyers in the case of a major discrepancy. Further information on these is located in the marketplace Terms of Purchase, usually under the "inspection" paragraph. For auctions purchased on B-Stock Supply, your orders may qualify for the Buyer's Protection Program.
The main thing to remember when filing a claim is that there will be a deadline, which will be listed in the Terms of Purchase.

Note: You must file a claim if there is a problem with your order by following the process outlined below. Calling or chatting in to report a discrepancy does not qualify as filing a claim.

To begin, log into your account and go to your order history.


You will want to click "Report an Issue."

The "Report an Issue" button will bring you to this page:


Click "I have issues with the items I receive."


Click "FILE A DISPUTE" and fill out the appropriate fields.


Notate the manifest.




Once the effected product is documented, press "SUBMIT DISPUTE."


A mediation agent will reply to your filed claim within two business days.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why do I have to go through this process? It's very time consuming, and I don't have the bandwidth to compare each item received to the manifest. 
    • We definitely under that concern, especially if it is a large load. However, because the ultimate value is based on individual items on the manifest, the seller needs all necessary details to offer a fair compensation.
  • How can I show a picture of a shortage?
    • It's general best practice to snap pictures of product still in the truck and when they are unloaded off the truck. Try to include identifying pictures such as pallet id labels.
  • I can't attach all the pictures I have. What do I do?
  • I can't get the form to work. What do I do?
    • Standard troubleshooting will help a lot of times.
    • We recommend using a personal computer, not a mobile device.
    • We recommend using the latest browser updates of your browser of choice.
    • If it's still not working, de-activate any extensions your browser may have as it may be interfering with the form code.
    • Try clearing your cache and cookies. If this is too much of a hassle, use the incognito window that most browsers come with or use a secondary browser you don't use on the daily.
    • If you have tried all these steps, email your concern to
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