Why Are You Asking For A Valid Tax Exemption Document? I Am Already Approved and Bidding.

In the past, your resale form has always been something you need to fill out on your own and send to us. However, now we have a brand new method of having you fill out an integrated resale PDF form. Please take a few minutes to go through this process so we are able to make sure this form is added to every order. This will result in a smoother auction process for you. 

Note: If you are seeing this message on an existing order, payment is still due within two business days of winning the auction. Please pay the auction after you have updated the document, even if it is still in an "incomplete" or "in review" status.

Do not resend us a copy of your resale document, sales tax permit, business license, or otherwise. The form must be completed via our tool.

Once you submit your resale form using this new interactive tool, please give our team several business days to review the form in order to mark it as "complete." If corrections are needed, we'll be reaching out, and you can make the corrections simply by going to your business profile.

Please review the below screenshots.


As mentioned previously, even if this shows up on an order, please pay it! You can access the document in need of updating by clicking the "update your tax exemption" hyperlink or by going to your account dropdown and clicking the business profile.

Both options bring you to this page.


Click the "pencil" icon.


As the image says, each address in each state will need its valid resale document. Please do not get your EIN and sales tax number mixed up. The EIN will be on documentation issued by the IRS, and is used for identification purposes. Your sales tax number (or state equivalent) will be issued by your state, and is used for the purpose of collecting sales tax when your business sells its product to the end consumer. If you do not know if you have a sales tax number or what it is, please call your state's department of Revenue.

Remember, this is a resale document confirming that your are exempt from paying sales tax on B-Stock at the time of purchase because it will be collected when you resell that same product to your own buyers.

Note: If you are registered in the state of Florida, you will be given the opportunity to upload your DR-13 form.

Once you click "Submit" it's time to sign and verify:


Sign, provide your title, check, and click "submit." You will be brought to your business profile page.


Don't worry if it says "in review." A B-Stock agent will check your document and update it to the correct status based on our review. Please keep in mind all participants will be receiving this message, so it will not be unlikely for your status to be "in review" for some time.

Thanks for your patience!

Additional Notes:

If your business is not registered in the United States, please do not check that you are registered as a US Reseller. Check "no" and it will guide you through the correct process flow. 

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