How Do I Contact The Shipper About My Order?

Our sites use various logistic coordinators to ship product. The name of the shipper will be on the auction details. 


Many sites partner with CH Robinson (CHR) to source their logistics. To find out if your order is sourced by CHR, check the FAQs or the Auction Details under "shipping" to confirm who will be the party responsible for shipment.

If you have not heard from CHR within the timeline established by the auction details or your auction is not in a "shipped" status within that time frame, you are welcome to contact CHR directly with your order number. 

You can always track your order if it is in a "shipped" status by clicking into the order details from your order history page. This will bring you to your order details which will display a table with a hyperlink of your order number in the far right corner. Clicking into that order number will show CHR's tracking information.




If you need to contact CHR, please use the following:

JB Hunt

If you need to contact JB Hunt if your orders are outside their time frame, please use

All Others

If your shipping logistics coordinator is not sourced by JB Hunt or CHR, and you have not been contacted regarding the shipping of your order within the listed time frame, please contact B-Stock customer support

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